Resources Energy, INC. is proposing to build and operate a LNG (liquefied natural gas) export project in the State of Alaska. United States is the first LNG supplier to Japan, current world largest LNG importer. Our project from Cook Inlet and North Slope area is based on the over 40 years' experience and reliable relationship of LNG trade between two countries.

The State of Alaska already holds huge reserves of certified conventional natural gas in place. Utilization of environmentally friendly and existing resource of Cook Inlet and North Slope area will provide tremendous opportunities for the State of Alaska and U.S.-Japan strategic energy alliance.

Our energy development aims to maximize geopolitical advantage of U.S. pacific coast and Alaska as reliable supply source of clean energy to Asia-Pacific basin over other suppliers such as Australia, Canada, and Russia. The project will create maximum value through realization of Cook Inlet and North Slope Area LNG project between US-Alaska and Japan.

Our goal is to trigger early flow of Cook Inlet natural gas and to connect to natural gas from Norh Slope area to satisfy energy need and create long-term economic benefit of the State of Alaska. Realization of LNG export enables Japan to secure reliable and economical energy supply. The project will serve enhancing long term strategic natural resouces alliance between US-Alaska and Japan.

What's New ?

Vertial tour is now available for Port Mackenzie, Cook Inlet Alaska.
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atch video from the bottom left corner of this page.
SOA and REI renew LNG Export Agreement.
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Gov. Walker signs Memorandum of Understanding with Kyoto.
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REI organized Alaska Oil and Gas Opportunity Seminar in Japan.
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Governor signs LNG agreement with REI, Inc.

REI speaking at Alaska-Japan LNG Opportunity Summit

REI keynoting 2014 Japan Business Update & Outlook

Presentation Matrieals from REI

REI Update - Cook Inlet LNG Project
AIDEA Infrastructure Development Project Summary Matrix

Japan at the Energy Cross Roads - Shun Shimizu
Comparative Role of LNG and LPG - Eiji Maezawa
Presentation to Alaska Oil and Gas Congress - Mary Ann Pease
Alaska-Japan North Slope LNG - Feasibility Study Report
Presentation to the World Trade Center Alaska 2013
Presentation to the Alaska Oil and Gas Congress
Presentation to the World Trade Center Alaska 2013

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A quick areal view of the deep draft dock at Port MacKenzie, located in the MatSu Borough of Cook Inlet Alaska. Potential site of the REI's LNG export facility. (Aug-22-2016)

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